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"Whizspace" offer students training in NASA Space settlement Project Design Competition We provide complete professional guidance for making this project from initial stages to final submission of the project to NASA

"Whizspace in association with NASA promote space camp programs all over US

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Whizspace TM in association with NASA provides a platform and support to deserving & talented students to visit NASA for attending students' training programs and preparing the next crop of young Space Explorers. Our endeavor is to encourage the young minds to think independently, outside the conventional sphere of thought and to propagate scientific rational knowledge by providing matchless professional guidance through various training modules which enable the educational fraternity to open up their minds into new horizons.

Our mission is to provide the tools that help your teams to realize their goals effectively and efficiently. We create a highly charged positive environment, where walls of resistance, inertia and lack of interest are immediately dissolved. We inspire young minds to evolve to their highest God given potential and to achieve outstanding results.